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Her staff describes her as a “girlfriend and confidant.” Her patients liken her to Oprah Winfrey. She is soft-spoken and always with a ready smile. And as a plastic surgeon, she merges her intellectual fervor for plastic surgery with technical expertise to create, aesthetic beauty that compliments her clients. Extremely well-trained, board certified, published, and a regional lecturer on aesthetic surgery, Dr. Bootstaylor smoothly and seamlessly transitions from expert technician, pointing out “areas of improvement” during a consultation, to a lifestyle and beauty cheerleader emanating serene confidence in the aesthetic surgery process.

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Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor attributes her discipline, ambition and professional success to her undergraduate studies at Swarthmore College where she was a Lang Scholar. This small, liberal arts Quaker college imbued in Dr. Bootstaylor the foundation elements so essential to all life success: the importance of family, the quality of self-reliance, and the sense that all things are possible for those willing to work hard. With an aptitude for the Sciences and an interest in art, Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor attended New York’s Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM).Dr. Bootstaylor is also a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and a member of the National Medical Association.

Medical Training

During her medical training, Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor worked in the wound healing laboratory of Stanley Levenison, a world renowned, wound healing scholar and won a high competitive AECOM International Health Fellowship. The international health fellowship enabled Dr. Bootstaylor to study and deliver medical and surgical care to the remote archipelago of islands, the Republic of Vanuatu. Upon returning to the States, Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor completed a five-year general surgery residency at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City. Pursuing an interest in wound healing and its potential beauty application she completed a two-year fellowship in molecular biology at the University of San Francisco. While doing research, she was awarded a NIH trauma grant. Her plastic surgery training was obtained at the University of Pittsburgh, one of the country’s best plastic surgery programs. Her training was extensive in cosmetic, breast and orthognathic (oral maxillary) surgery. The depth, breath and rigorousness of the plastic surgery training provided Dr. Bootstaylor with the technical and clinical expertise to establish Atlanta APC Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Her extensive training in cosmetic surgery, her training at one of America’s top plastic surgery programs and her pursuit of technical excellence has earned her the respect of colleagues and applause from her clients.

Unique Approach

Dr. Bootstaylor’s unique approach to the cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery process is what sets her apart. She is both artist and surgeon and has a unique prospective of beauty which comes in all shapes, colors and sizes. During consultations she addresses cultural considerations such as scar-sparing surgery to optimize the aesthetic result. She says, “It’s all about the big picture and the aesthetic.” She and her staff see their work as a kind of whole person metamorphosis that includes the physical but expands into the mental and emotional. “When individuals feel good about themselves and their appearance, all kinds of wonderful things are possible.”Dr. Bootstaylor has dedicated her practice to providing the highest quality plastic surgery to Atlanta patients based on each individual’s goal. She runs her plastic surgery practice with a personalized approach that ensures all of her patients receive individual attention and care. Clients choosing to work with Dr. Bootstaylor will always meet personally with her during consultations and see Dr. Bootstaylor during their post-op course.

Born Sense of Aesthetics

As a highly-skilled surgeon, sophisticated art collector and photographer, Dr. Bootstaylor, has an eye for aesthetic sensibility and beauty. She brings to her practice a unique blend of intense training, surgical excellence, deep and unparalleled artistic judgment. She is known for establishing strong doctor-patient relationships and being a lifestyle and beauty cheerleader to clients through education, trust and understanding. Her philosophy leads to countless, successful cosmetic results and scores of elated clients.

Featured in Super Doctors

Dr. Bootstaylor’s impeccable credentials and aesthetic analysis of both the plastic surgery and cosmetic medical process has positioned her at the top of her field and as one of Atlanta’s premier cosmetic plastic surgeons. An additional well-kept secret about Dr. Bootstaylor is that she is the first female board certified plastic surgeon in Georgia and the Southeast of the United States. Well-credentialed and unique, she is often used as a resource for Atlanta Magazine, The Atlantan, Essence Magazine and local radio and TV networks.

Community Work

In her spare time, Dr. Bootstaylor is an active philanthropically and a community dynamo. She is devoted to causes for children with learning disabilities and an active physician in the organization Sister’s By Choice, an organization which increases the awareness of breast cancer in the African-American community. Dr. Bootstaylor is on the advisory board of The Atlanta Chapter of 100 Black Women and is a regional interviewer and representative for Swarthmore College, her alma mater. Dr. Lisa Bootstaylor is married and has three children.

Continuing Education

As a regional and national lecturer on scar-sparing surgery, Dr. Bootstaylor keeps her approach to aesthetics on the cutting edge by attending medical cosmetic continuing education to introduce and stay abreast of the latest innovation in the field of cosmetic medicine and plastic surgery.

  • Mentor Silicone Implant Regional Investigator 1999 present
  • Perspectives and Advances in Plastic Surgery 03/20/05
  • ASAPS 2005 ANNUAL MEETING / ASAPS 04/28/05
  • Biennial Plastic Surgery Conference: Barcelona, Spain / PSEF 07/16/05
  • ASPS 2006 ANNUAL MEETING / ASPS 10/ 2006
  • Advances in Liposuction 10/2006
  • Advances in Noninvasive Facial Enhancements 10/2006
  • Inamed Silicone Implant Academy 10/2006

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