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A facelift is the singular procedure that distinguishes excellent Plastic Surgeons. Facelifts are the surgeries that get the most attention in the press.  A great facelift is one that makes the patient appear refreshed but not different.  The underlying structures are not changed, just the loose skin tightened.


Neck lift is sculpting of the neck and jaw line contours with limited incisions. Little or no skin is removed. Precisely tightening and sculpting underlying muscle and fat accomplishes the shaping. The skin is merely redraped over the new contour and fixed in place with tissue glue. This considerably speeds recovery.

Even if your face is relatively wrinkle-free, you may notice that your neck is starting to sag. You may have a double chin, a “turkey wabble,”. In any case, a neck lift may be able to recreate the neck of your youth. Combining procedures allows me to offer my patients the benefits of multiple procedures during one surgery.

Because there are many cosmetic issues that can affect the neck (double chin, sagging and vertical bands), it is important that we have a personalized consultation. During our consultation you can share your concerns with us.We will determine if a neck lift is right for you. The length of your recovery will depend on the type of procedure selected.

What are the types of facelifts?

A standard facelift is a cheeklift with a necklift.  This is performed in an operating room. The skin is lifted with incisions made in the creases beside and behind your ears.  The foundation (SMAS layer) is trimmed and tightened.  The skin is then advanced and trimmed.   The redraped skin will resolve your deep jowls, loose neck skin and overall wrinkles of your face. The complete facelift lasts longer that the mini lift techniques because the redraping is larger and there is greater tightening of the underlying foundation of the skin.   This procedure is commonly performed in conjunction with forehead lift (browlift) and blepharoplasty (eyelid lift).

An office mini-facelift is performed under local anesthesia.  It primarly lifts the cheeks improving jowls with some lifting of the neck.  Ideal candidates for this procedure are younger patients with early skin sagging or patients that have had a previous facelift and just need extra tightening with time.  These techniques have gained popularity because of their ability to be performed in an office setting.  Various marketing companies have popularized these lifts (ie Lifestyle Lifts) but they are performed in their own Centers.  However, these mini lift results do not last as long as a standard facelift.  This has to do with the limited foundation tightening.

How long does a facelift last?

You will continue to age.  A facelift does reverse the hands of time.  If you maintain your results, the surgery will last for years.  Paramount Plastic Surgery has a complete line of laser care to keep the skin tight after surgery.  Good skin care will keep your collagen strong.  Our surgeons will assist you in maintaining your facelift as your age gracefully.

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